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WSMA Math Bowl

2016 WSMA Math Bowl – Tests & Results

The sixth annual WSMA Math Bowl was held on Saturday, January 23, 2016, at Issaquah High School in Issaquah, WA. 16 teams competed in our brand new competition structure which included a middle and high school division. Thanks to everyone who made our sixth Math Bowl a success!

The tests from the competition are available below.

WSMA Math Bowl 2016

Winning Teams

Place Team
1st Evergreen Middle School
2nd Tyee Middle School Team 1
3rd Tyee Middle School Team 2
4th Issaquah Middle School


The tests from the 2016 WSMA Math Bowl are made available below for practice purposes and may be reproduced for nonprofit, educational uses only. Thanks to Jaenic Lee, Sean Yu, Andy Kim, Ryan Park, Krishna Rao, Laura Hu, Romil Sirohi, Jessica Dai, Teo Lee, Jun Ahn, Jake Jung, and Alex Shang for helping write problems.

Middle School

Round Test Answers
Creativity Round pdf pdf
Time Attack pdf pdf
Elimination Round 1 pptx pdf 
Elimination Round 2 pptx pdf
Elimination Round 3 pptx pdf
Elimination Round 4 pptx pdf
Elimination Round 5 pptx pdf
Elimination Round 6 pptx pdf
Tournament Final Round pptx pdf

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